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View our predesigned yearbook themes available for the 2022-2023 school year.

A Year in Our Shoes Shoes of all sizes and colors remind readers of the stories that made this school year memorable. No one else can tell the story of how a walk in their shoes was something unique...something they will never forget.
Adventure Awaits Buckle up and be sure to bring your backpack as youboard the bus to experience those new lessons in andout of school. From attending class field trips to reading interesting books or examining microscopic images, your memorable adventures in school are foreverincluded inside this cover.
All Together Everyone in school is unique in looks, interestsand skills. Embracing differences strengthensyour school community. Symbolic graphics andcolors on this cover represent each student’s special place within the school.
Be the Light Enlighten your readers by encouraging each oneto become the light in the lives of others fromtheir early grades to their last years in school.Graphics behind the title emphasize the words onthe cover. Contrasting soft colors take the lookinto the book.
Bee Amazing What’s all the buzz about? Just as bees spreadpollen throughout the world to keep the flowersblooming and the honey flowing, teachers impartknowledge to students, helping them have amazing experiences throughout their lives. This coverreflects the wonderous lessons students learn asthey fly through the year.
Building Our Future For buildings going through a makeover to thosecreating a new facility, this cover works well forthose schools under construction. The brick background moves from the front to the back, providing a foundation for the theme logo.
Dream Big. Aim High. Vivid, colorful splashes merge together to symbolize students’ hopes, dreams and goals for abright future. Backgrounds and graphics echo thelook of the cover throughout the book.
Filling in the Gaps Each student’s cover will look different from allthe others as they complete their individual “bigpicture,” coloring the images with their favoritehues. Graphics and colorful backgrounds carrythe look through the book.
2022 2023 Varied typographical images reflect the uniqueaspects of the students and their years in school.Circular graphics repeat the look of the cover onbackgrounds, unifying the look of the book.
Keepin’ It Real If life seems like a “reel-to-reel” movie at times,this cover offers a nostalgic reminder of the daysof film and flicks at the local theater. Diagonallines on backgrounds echo the look started onthe cover. Contrasting type treatments add visualinterest to headline graphics.
New Heights Vertical bars and typographical extensions represent the concept of reaching and achieving goalsset in school. Colorful graphics point studentsupward, encouraging them to be successful in life.
Oh Canada Reflective of Canada’s National Anthem, thiscover captures sights from across the country. It’sa perfect choice for students from Vancouver toNova Scotia.
Our Colorful Year Swashes of vibrant hues don this cover, symbolizing the colorful events in the school and thevaried personalities that attend it. Paint splashesappear on backgrounds and in graphics to addcontinuity to the design.
Our Roots Run Deep A perfect choice for a school that prides itself onrooted traditions, this cover and theme packagefeature earthy tones in the color palette and onbackgrounds.
Our Story Starts Here We all love stories, especially those that makeeach school year unique. This theme shows howthe year began, what happened during that timeand how it ended.
Our Super Year To reflect the popularity of those amazing superheroes, this theme incorporates cartoon graphicsand exclamatory words to captivate readers andpull them into the book.
Out of This World From the Solar System to the Milky Way, staffschoosing this theme take their readers on a ridethey will always remember. Colorful graphics andbackgrounds make the package complete.
Picking Up the Pieces Just as a finished jigsaw puzzle creates a picturefrom individual pieces, this theme focuses onstudents coming together to finish the year in astrong and positive way. Graphics and colors unify the look of the book.
Picture This Scattered images resembling prints from an“instant snapshot” camera symbolize the theme,“Picture This...” Doodle graphics and soft, fadedpastels carry the look into the book.
Things Are Looking Bright Vivid colors on the cover and backgrounds to usewithin the book echo the concept, “Things AreLooking Bright.” This upbeat theme features aconnected look with extended letters bleeding onboth sides.
Two Thousand Twenty Three Golden words set against a navy background create a sophisticated look for students selecting thistheme. Blue and gold swashes complement thetypography and traditional graphics to visually tiethe entire book together.
Watch Us Grow A painted image with changing leaves and foliagesymbolize the book’s concept. Trees, plants andsoft colors provide continuity throughout thebook.
Yes We Can-ada! Tall, silhouetted trees and the national flag reflectthe strength and resilience of Canadians. Thistheme works well for staffs wanting to show theircountry’s pride factors.
You’re Going to Want to See This Emojis and text messages don the cover for thiscontemporary theme. Matching graphics and colors create a unified look throughout the book.
A Roaring Good Time Imaginary characters placed at 90-degree angles on the front and back illustrate the theme. Colors and graphics repeat as backgrounds and embellishments to unify the book’s design.
A Year of Smiles Yearbooks give students so much to smile about, and this multi-color emoticon theme will have them grinning from cover to cover.
A Year to Remember From the smiles of friends to students’ successes, this theme emphasizes the positive aspects of the year with key words placed at 90-degree angles to add visual variety to the design.
Aim for Greatness Imagination can take you to great heights, says this upbeat theme, lifting students up with the pairing of rainbow hues and a paper airplane.
Behind the Scenes Art-deco styled typography contrasts with a script typeface to create the theme logo on the front. A movie clapboard wraps from the front to the back lid. A clever phrase ends the book.
Composition Notebook Sticker-like graphics feature encouraging reminders on this composition-style notebook. Colorful paper-image backgrounds link pages, creating a cohesive look for your yearbook.
Connected Geometric shapes unite on both sides of the cover to represent the theme, Connected. The images repeat as embellishments and page backgrounds.
Connected Together Geometric shapes fused together move in a diagonal direction to represent the cover’s concept. Contrasting typography on the cover adds visual variety to the design. Slanted color blocks serve as matching backgrounds to create a whole book look.
Geared Up for the Future Robotic figures don the back and front sides of the cover to represent the book’s theme. Colorful mechanical graphics serve as backgrounds and artwork to include throughout the book.
Happy Campers A playful picture of friendship, adventure and camaraderie, these cute forest creatures put the F-U-N into yearbook reading.
Here Is Our Story Every day brings new experiences, and together they make up the complete year’s story. This theme lends itself to personalizing a book full of students’ memories of a year like none other.
Into the New Frontier Reflecting students’ adventurous spirit, this theme features a space exploration theme, enhanced with rockets, orbiting planets and shooting stars within the universe.
Keep Looking Forward Focused on positivity, this theme encourages readers to continue to move toward the future, taking life one step at a time. Diagonal arrows in vivid colors symbolize the concept. Matching graphics and backgrounds complete the package.
Moving Forward Colorful, chalk-style arrows lead the readers from the front cover into a fun-filled colorful book. Smudges and circles created in the same style highlight specifics areas on inside pages.
No Limits Extended letters convey the “No Limits” concept visually. Textured diagonal bars in bright colors lead readers from the front to the back cover.
One Day at a Time A clock and a pencil serve as inset letters in this theme logo, reminding readers to take life one moment at a time. School-related graphics and color-coordinated backgrounds enhance the designs throughout the book.
Onward and Upward Hot air balloons and directional signage enhance this theme package, symbolic of educators’ encouraging words to their students. A lively color palette completes the package.
Outside the Lines With striking hues that pop like a fresh box of colors on the first day of school, this colorful classic strikes a delicate balance between sophisticated and super fun.
Playlist of Our Year Learning and playing go together—like this aqua, orange and yellow collage, illustrating the ever-changing trends and technology that fill our year with fun.
Reaching for the Future Brave, optimistic and bursting with color, this three-dimensional theme offers students a send-off to remember, along with their yearbook.
Rewind Soft pastel-colored graphics on a diagonal pattern provide a retro look for this concept. Textured page backgrounds and art carry the theme through the book.
School Days Chalkboard doodles create an informal look for this theme. A script font contrasts with the sans serif typeface for the theme logo.
School Life Colorful game spaces move from the front to the back to symbolize the beginning and end of the school year. Game pieces, cards and artistic sketches serve as embellishments to echo the look of the cover.
Standing Strong This back-to-nature theme combines bold, organic earth tones, with clean lines to anchor your memories in a simple, yet powerful illustration.
Stronger Together A heavy anchor dangles from the theme logo, symbolizing the strength students experience when they work as teams. Waves artistically represent the forward motion of groups moving in the same direction.
Swimming Against the Current Discover the beauty of riding your own wave through this whimsical watercolor theme, flowing with wavy fonts and a friendly school of fish.
The Greatest Show Stripes, stars and golden flags create a circus look for this theme. Decorative typography displays the theme on the cover. Graphics and page backgrounds finalize the look throughout the book.
This is Where the Learning Happens Remembering the good times has never been more enjoyable with this irresistible yearbook theme, introduced by a bright, cheerful block-letter font.
Together Overlapping letters symbolize the concept of working together. Matching graphics, colors, borders and backgrounds add a unifying touch throughout the book.
We the People Emphasizing pride in America, this theme incorporates the stars and stripes into the cover and background designs. A color palette in patriotic hues completes the look.
What Do You Say Brightly colored words represent the cheers of excitement as students gather in school. A megaphone and pulsating, zig-zag graphics carry the theme through the book.
You Are Here A yearbook direction worth taking, this colorful configuration of map points commemorates where students are at this special point in time.
Your Year Lively colors and student doodle embellishments emphasize the personality of “Your Year”. Backgrounds include elements repeating from those featured on the cover to give the book a coherent look.

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Yearbook Themes - Lifetouch (2024)
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